Friday, September 08, 2006

FreelanceNerd Project Report - Week 37

Project A: Into my second week as a "serious" director on this community website for tech startups, and it hasn't been as manic as last week when I screwed up an upgrade and ended up having to reinstall the whole website from scratch (and no, I wasn't wearing spurs or a stetson at the time...) I've been tinkering with it to try and get customised adverts showing in various places that we can then track "clickthroughs" in our database so we know who's clicked an advert and when. If they're a suscriber we're also aiming to email the advertiser as soon as the person has clicked on it with the subscriber's details (scary Big Brother stuff, eh?)

Project B: Done nothing with this independent music community website this week. The potential client is on holiday and it is really hard work translating his powerpoint screenshots plus random notes into meaningful requirements - it's gonna be a big project. I'm hoping to get a short-term contract soon and then I will definitely have no time for this, so I'll be able to pass it on to an IT consultancy firm I used to work for and hopefully get some commission.

Project C: The Brent based project for a housing association community website. Done nothing with this either this week, except wait for an up front cheque before starting work. I've got till February to complete this project, and I'm hoping they won't object to me having a 3 month contract in the meantime (I've got an interview today for a 3 month HTML job in Birmingham). If I get the job and they object, I'll have to pass the work on I suppose.

Project D: The saga of the website for the Centre for at risk children continues. This week we agreed that they're gonna lose the current website because we have no way of downloading the existing one since they lost all the hosting details. That means when we move their domain to another hosting firm the old website will be deleted forever. They've agreed to bite the bullet and go for this plan, so I've got to come up with a quote. I'm hoping that I get this job in Birmingham so I can pass this work on as well!

Project E: The broadband and network setup, etc, for the same people as Project D - again, I'll have to pass this on to my fellow freelancer on this job if my interview comes off today.

Project F: Finished last week. Still waiting to hear back from them after I sent an invoice!

Project G: Was told to stop working on this last week by the MD, so I've pulled the plug on all the automated monitoring emails I had in place on their servers. Waiting to hear back from them on all the work that I've done over the past couple of years that's sitting on my laptop. They have the current version of all the work that I've done, but I have the complete history of everything and some documentation too. Obviously I won't be sending them a copy until I get paid all the money that I'm owed.

Project H: Forgot to mention this one last week. I'm doing a website for a centre that deals with the top 50 young offenders / most at risk kids in it's area. I really enjoyed working with them on finding out what they wanted and working on a design with them. Again, I've had trouble getting the hosting details off the client, so I haven't been able to upload the website onto their bit of the internet just yet. Almost finished.

So, an interview in Milton Keynes today at 2pm for a job in Birmingham - a bit bizarre that. If I get it it will be the end of our financial worries, but if not it does seem that there is a lot of work around so I should get something sooner or later. The major attraction of this contract is that I won't have to work away from home, and I'll still be able to get involved in the life of the church during the week and socialise with my friends, etc. I'm trying my best to leave it in God's more than capable hands.