Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A New Experience

On Thursday evening I was celebrating a friend's birthday with a couple of glasses of wine and got in quite late - about 1am. I ended up waking at 4:15am with a persistent, nagging set of thoughts that had been troubling me for a while. As a Christian I believe all Christians have spiritual gifts (see 1 Corinthians 12), and one of mine happens to be the gift of prophecy. Over the years I've learnt in a small way to discern when God is speaking to me and when it's just my own mind, but I'm still careful about testing them out before I act on them because I can never be completely sure. You get very strong impressions or feelings, sometimes thoughts that won't go away, and sometimes pictures unfold in your mind's eye. On this particular morning I think the Holy Spirit woke me up to bring something to mind urgently so I could pray about it and relate it to some passages in the Bible. I can't say what it was because it's confidential, but I've never had an experience like it before - the sense of urgency I had was so pressing that I had to get up, and so I did at 5am.

I did some nerdy work for a while and left the prophecy stuff to one side, to see if it would all go away - part of the testing process. It didn't. I felt prompted to read two passages in my Bible, which I duly did, and they both related to the "word" I had in my head (in a Christian sense a "word" is some words of instruction for someone or something, or knowledge about someone or something that couldn't be known other than by being directly given from the Holy Spirit).

So, the word wouldn't go away, and I'd read confirmation in my Bible. Finally, I discussed it with someone who's judgement I greatly respect, and also with Mrs. FreelanceNerd. They both felt that it all rang true. Now I just have to deliver it - which is the nerve-racking part, because it's the true test of whether it was from God or not. Either the person will feel God speaking directly into their life or they will think I'm a wierdo (well the second one happens anyway, so I've not got much to lose :-p )