Friday, March 10, 2006

It's Wesley Crusher's Fault!

Chatting over lunch in the pub with Wesley Crusher today, and we ended up in a convo about the psychology of blogging. I stopped blogging last September cos:
  1. I dried up
  2. It was pretty directionless anyway
  3. I was doing it out of guilt (bloggers will understand this feeling)
  4. I was doing it to keep my hits up on sitemeter (a real warning sign!)
Aaannnnyway, I was chatting to old Wes (uber-geek and erstwhile colleague) and the blogging convo got me wondering....

Am I a hopeless, serial blogger, crying out into the blogosphere wilderness, hoping to make his mark on the world in some small way? It looks like it.

This time, though, I'm gonna try and concentrate on my life as a freelance IT consultant, with other "life bits" thrown in for good measure. Of course, it will probably ramble off into completely different directions, but that's the beauty of blogging, ain't it? (or is it?)... you see, I'm so pyschologically damaged by blogging I'm already feeling constrained by my self-imposed blogging remit (sic). Why oh why am I doing this? Only time will tell, and I'm certainly not promising to post regularly (can you hear me making my way towards the slippery slope marked "obsessive blogger" once more?) That way lies madness I tell you!